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Transboard- كيبورد زخرفة+ترجمة مهكرة MOD


You can now decorate and translate directly via the keyboard Transboard You do not need to use external applications You can communicate now and speak or learn any language you like with the keyboard Transboard keyboard includes everything you need to write directly And speak all languages ​​within your application without the need to use external translation applications you can use in chat programs, chat and social networking sites and within any application you want .. Translation and decoration directly via the keyboard without the need to copy and paste or use other applications will appear Meh and decoration while writing directly and can easily switch between languages ​​and all languages ​​are available and also contains all kinds of motifs Smillat emoji and Japanese Emoticons and smile and portfolio theme texts with professional suit all tastes

Features of Transboard Keyboard:

★ Instant translation feature to any language as you type and speak it easily and with the click of a button.

★ Ornament typing feature directly from the same keyboard just activate it from the settings. .

★ Contains more than ten types of decorations can be switched easily as you type.

★ Control the activation and cancellation of decoration or translation at any time.

★ Possibility to write in a localized English language.

★ Support for emoji and Japanese Emoticons keyboard and three forms of switches can be switched between them.

★ Contains Clipboard Copy, Cut, Paste and Save Words Unlimited.

★ Contains different themes and wonderful forms to suit all tastes.

★ Possibility to control the size of the buttons and the size of the characters on the buttons.

★ Volume control buttons and vibration.

★ Control the height of the keyboard in the horizontal and vertical position of the device.

★ Possibility to change the background of the keyboard image from the studio through the settings.

★ Possibility to change the color of keyboard characters through the settings.

★ View suggestions for words to facilitate typing.

★ Full support for all languages.

★ Voice input feature.



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