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The DescriPtiøn

Wassabah Mubasher Challenge is the largest gathering of direct Arab challenge, where contestants from all over the Arab world and outside compete at the same time to answer 12 questions from different cultural groups in order to promote culture in the Arab world.

Just download the application and wait for the time of the launch of the announced offer on the home page KSA. Be sure to activate phone alerts to get a special alert when the live show is approaching.
Participate and prove yourself and lead the global rankings in the Arab competition.

The rules are simple: when the show starts, the first question is asked to all the competing players at the same time. You have 10 seconds to answer where the correct answer qualifies you for the next question but beware one wrong answer makes you in the ranks of viewers but something of concentration with general information will enable you to answer questions 12 and issue the order of the show.



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