If live streaming of high-definition movies and series in Windows or Mac is called Popcorn time, the same thing on Android is the same as Show Box, the best app for watching TV and movies right on your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy the large screen and the small screen on the small screen.

Of course, there's no such app available on Google Play, but we offer you an APK so you can enjoy the latest in movies and series without having to get home directly on your mobile phone. It is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, but also devices that rely only on this operating system, such as Amazon Kindle.

Everything you'll find in the Showbox application

First, this program has a very familiar interface that makes you think about most of the broadcast applications. In the options menu, you can explore the available materials and, at the same time, filter by method or by year. For example, would you like to reach 2017 or 2018? Just use Advanced Search. Of cons, as a drawback. You should say that you will not be able to enjoy content in French ... only in English with a French translation.

Watch Game of Thrones or listen to David Bowie with two clicks.

Also, in addition to the movies and series that you can see with the best quality for your smartphone and subtitles, Shadow Box also has a music section to stream albums. More popular.

But is not it better to subscribe to Netflix and HBO? I personally think so. Especially because on these two services, you can enjoy high-quality image quality, technical assistance and, above all, consume all content legally. We must think that if we do not pay what we love, we will lose everything in the end: the creators of us, because the creators will have to stop it. On the other hand, it is clear that the catalog is higher than this type of platform because the Showbox aims at everyone's content.




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