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The DescriPtiøn

This is the perfect app to have a good tool for cut the net (netcut ✂) It is designed to help users to analyse wifi analyser, scan their wifi network to detect those are online (wifi attacker). and see all information about their devices like name and ip adress...

The rules of using netcut ✂ pro™ defender: « is when you start app it scan automaticly the connected wifi ( select defender option ), and provide you a liste of connected users information, select user you want to cut net from him. under black list tab, you will found your bloc users (deny attackers).»

Netcut is a technique that appear between wifi tools, to provide a cutter ✂ fo net (cut the net), with analyser wifi “wifi hotspot” in the first, and discover all users in your network.The best powerful
netcut without root for wifi attacker is this version pro to bloc or cut down the net from others.

« All wifi tools work with this basic principe : ping socket (wifi analyser paquet) to detect wifi users
with thier ip adress, and make a jammer signal (wifi jammer) to jamming connexion between user and root. so that is the principe of network adapters.»




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