Money Lover Money Manager, Budget Expense Tracker

the description

Money Lover is a downloadable card game that provides a solution to solve financial problems. Client feedback about companies, companies, employees, stakeholder groups, professional relationships and professional behavior for men, women, men, women, men, women, men, women women, men, women, men, women, men, women, men, women, men, men, men, men

Así nació Money Lover, profesional y yvenes profesionales.

Main characteristics

✔ Fund Manager: Seguimiento de los gastos e ingresos por categoria (food, fuel, etc.).
✔ Planifier of presupuesto: limit in a category; Mantente alerta cuando cierres el límite.
Object: Establecer el propósito del ahorro. News automatically undertaken in the media and the media
✔ Informes: the financial informs the brindan on resumen of sus gastos or ingresos por fecha o por grupo.
Portafolio Vinculado Portafolio: Iniciates his notes with banks of cards and obtained an automatic bank. Seguridad: Use of data using the RSA-1024 bit; Compatible with PIN code and digital scanning.
✔ CARTERA DE CREDIT: Administrator in charge of credit and debt recovery

Note: Apoyamos 17 days. Log in to the bank and check availability.

Con cuenta Premium, tienes:

✔ Presupuestos, ahorros, carters and event ilimitados.
Export as CSV, Excel
✔ imagen adjunta
✔ sin publicidad

Explanation of access permits:
- Important information on the Web (Internet access) are already the responsibility of the customer.
- Social information (contact lectura) is sweat "with whom" for contacts and lists of contacts.
- Su posición is determining the ubicación of su transacción
- El almacenamiento (Identify or delete the contents of your USB key) is dedicated to the creation of a database and to your USB key.


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