The LIKE application for short videos will be named Likee! Likee Video, a place where everyone can explore beyond LIKE. Create videos that bring you more than just happiness, those with value and knowledge, and watch.

LIKE Video is a short video editor and video sharing community with over 200 million users worldwide and is also the best application for free video creation in India.

The LIKE video app has the same video sharing feature as video and other social apps (e.g. Snap chat, Facebook, Tik Tok, Whats App, Vigo video, etc.). The difference is that the LIKE video application is supported by our sophisticated video maker, which offers clips, quotations, syncs, exclusive custom dictionaries, modern special effects, thousands of posters and songs.

LIKE Video helps you learn how to create funny videos, attract more music lovers to follow you, choose interesting content to share with your Facebook account, or Instagram to look great and be friends. Like for video, Like Video has amazing video editing tools and features, plus over 300 emoticon labels and face filters!

1.Explore smart beautification

2. Stylish and stylish filters

3. Great music filter

4. Four-dimensional magic

5. Super power

Millions of original music such as pop, hip-hop, indie, rock, and Tik Tok, as well as Bollywood, Bollywood, Bollywood, and Bollywood songs to choose from.

Enjoy great people from all over the world who continue to update great music and funny videos. The latest feature, LIVE, allows you to get closer to fun people, start chatting with your favorite stars, and meet new friends from the same city you live in.

With the LIKE video app you can find more interesting videos, such as the latest movie information, nearby shops with great ratings, food, clothing, and more useful skills and tricks. Powered by the world's leading Smart Recommendation technology, LIKE video recommendations are customized to ensure that they match your interests.

LIKE Video is committed to providing a stage of development for talented authors in various creative fields. With more than 200 million users, we welcome video creators from all regions, and we'll help you grow your fan base in the blink of an eye.

With millions of video views, promotions, bonus features and original video creator support plans in 2019, everyone can be popular with the LIKE video app. No need to wait! Your chance to join LIKE for video and produce high quality videos has come your way! You are the next star!

Four-dimensional magic and super power allow you to shoot science fiction movies using your mobile phone only.

Comics and Super Me turn your videos into successful movies.

Shoot your vital songs with one click now!

With LIKE, you will not only enjoy, but will also gain useful information.

Install LIKE now to discover and share a larger world!




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