Hi-tech Launcher 2 – 2019 Free v6.0 (Pro) Apk

The DescriPtiøn

Hitech launcher 2 – 2018 easy to use, stylish and offers higher performance. It stylized your phone’s home screen in future UI which gives a next generation launcher or virtual theme to your android phone. A new clean and perfect user interface design which gives user to easy and better interactive control experience. It provides more wonderful and useful features and any color themes which enhance your phone with different styles.
– Hitech launcher 2 – 2018 provides unique and wonderful color themes.
– You can change app by long press on icons.
– View all apps installed in mobile by just left swipe.
– Smooth and clean UI.
– Easy to change themes.
– Easy to enable or disable animations.
– Replace icon app with another app appear on home screen by long press on icon.
– Smoother and faster animations.
– Uninstall app by just long press on app in app list.
– You can visible / invisible the status bar from launcher settings




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