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Welcome to Epicmon! You will be the main coach here. An amazing and exciting adventure awaits you. In Epicmon, you can catch the pets you love. Take a fun pet tour and adventure.

- Bright Group -
Many legendary pets are born and live in Epicmon! It's time to start the epicmon trip and get your pet! Show your patient's love will grow and develop!

- Amazing 3D view. Check out for free
Amazing 3D view. Great view! You can surf Epicmon world freely and you must be Epicmon Champion! Go on an adventure and keep all the hidden areas!

- High version with innovative rotation
100% remake of portable control. Remind yourself of your happiness in the game! New and innovative development system. You will have a great experience like no other here.

Real time battle
Battle in real time with your friends. Allow 4 martial arts. It's time to show the direction and courage! Lead your pet to victory! You must lead the outstanding pet boss to victory with awesome tactics!


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