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Clash with other players in a new first-person shooter with endless excitement.

Penetrate into excitement and enter the battle now! Completely free play!
Use different strategies and tactics in the game of electronic explosions on a variety of maps.

Key Features:
- More than 30 modern and camouflaged deadly guns. Choose your battle tactics: pistols, snipers, cartridge rifles, machine guns, or shotguns
- Up to 10 players in one game. Test your killing speed
- Join teams battles against other players from around the world on unique maps
- Create your own clan and enjoy team matches in different play locations
- Compete in ranked chapters and get upgrades to higher tournaments among other heroes
- Use successive strikes such as a drone strike, guard and helicopter attack, or even drones, helicopter gunships or rocket launchers to destroy enemy soldiers
- Interact with other players, complete contracts and military tasks
- Intuitive controls and easy interface - Scroll then straighten then shoot
- Perfect optimization
- Regular updates and new game elements
Modern Ops is a free, competitive first-person shooter game with easy and intuitive controls, vibrant 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.

Play for police, rapid intervention teams or thieves and show off your first-person shooter skills

Buy and upgrade different ammunition, rifles and weapons, and change the look of your weapons. Increase your combat skills against other soldiers and prove yourself on every map using successive combat strikes and intense killing shots.


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