Messenger Black theme APK FREE

the description

Connect with people at any time simply with text chat, video and group members.

* Send messages - No need to exchange phone numbers just send a message. It is a seamless application across devices.
* You can get rid of brightness using dark mode. Dark Mode is a new stylish and comfortable eye look by switching the background color from white to black.
* View your interaction - you can add a silly poster and send an animated GIF and use emoji to express yourself better.
* Share photos and videos - Capture the most important moments with Messenger Camera, add a filter or drawing, then send it to friends or share it on Stories.
* Mobilize group members - Create plans to organize a gathering to conduct surveys, share your location, share bill payment, and more.
* Join a voice call or video chat - Connect anywhere, anytime by joining voice or hangout calls - Filters are optional :) *** Wi-Fi calls are calls But except that regular contact data charges apply.
* Send a voice message - If text messages don't work, just tap Record and send a voice message or song.
* Send money easily and safely (in the US, UK and France only) - You can send money to your friends and receive them through the app by adding your debit card or PayPal account *. * PayPal account can only be used in the United States.
* Share your location - Suggest a place to interview or tell your friends about your location by sharing your location in a few clicks.
* Chat with businesses - Easily connect with your favorite businesses to make bookings, get customer support, find deals and more.
* Play games with friends - Enjoy a challenge with your friends, upgrade to the leaderboards and discover the next game that will interest you
* You can use SMS messages in Messenger - you won't have to open multiple apps to stay connected. You can use one app to use SMS and Messenger messages.




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