Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure

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Embark on the latest idle adventure with Persians with Cash, Inc. You can build a machine to go back in time and become the most popular money, literally! Once wealth begins to arrive, it is not necessary to say how far you will go!

This writing game was created for you, Lord! Click and play only for a moment. Then, let your company guide you to the next level, where they brought your wealth to your place! Become a business mogul before you want to see your fortune grow at any time.

What are you waiting for, Lord? Climb, jump and return to develop your business empire.

Cash, Inc. Features:

A click of money makes you rich

• Nest like a business pole where tapaing will be your best stock!

Play whenever and wherever you want and take a break. This inactive mouse allows you to leverage your work without really being!

• Use the revenue of your audience (as that of your managers).

• Earn money and earn money so you can spend your money for what you want.
Commercial agreements

• Enjoy a couple lifestyle while taking care of your business partners and your business!

• Click and Click for Traveling and Keep Your Money!

• Earn money by renewing your business trip. More money in the constellations!

• Give yourself a chance to come - treat yourself to freebies such as tickets, crystals and time spent on a makeshift wheel to increase your wealth! Spin n win, boss!

The strongest of all time!

• Engage in a crazy world to build a time machine and become a travel hub at the richest time!

• Go back in time and start your money!

• Be the most famous money mogul of all time and let him talk about your success in achieving fame and fortune: Your empire!

Share your fortune

Fight to access the list of riches! Join the elite business community at Cash, Inc.

• Get your hard earned money with these business leaders on social media!

Start your professional adventure and live the life you have always wanted. It's just a click and a touch of fame and make money!


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