Twitter Lite


A faster and more convenient way to find out what's going on in the year.

Learn about the latest news, sports scores and the latest entertainment. Easily interact with brands, government representatives, and market your business and enjoy or deliver fast customer service - all with less of your data plan.

Twitter Lite features fast installation, and its suitability for space and data.

• Fast download speeds on the 2G network and 3G network.
• Reduces data usage as little as possible - you can turn on data provider mode to only download photos or videos you want to watch.
• Operates less space - Twitter Lite does not have much space on your phone, the size of the installation is less than 2 MB only.

Can not download it? You can access Twitter Lite on
Learn how to use Twitter Lite in the Help Center

- Discover the topics that your favorite characters in sports, news and politics, as well as celebrity celebrities, speak about
- Enjoy, share or respond to tweets on your timeline
- Write a tweet to tell the world what is going on around you

- Learn about topics and tags currently in circulation
Be the first to know about entertainment and popular culture

- Have private chat with friends, followers, government representatives and business activities
- Do not miss the opportunity to reply to Twitter and photos
- Start a private conversation with anyone who follows you

Profile personly
- Add a personal profile to your profile by adding a photo, description, and location
- Browse your Tweets, tweets, replies, media, and old likes
- Do not want to appear publicly? You can make your account private so that only people you want to follow can see your Tweets.

- Find out who started your follow-up
- Discover your tweets that are liked or re-tweeted
- Respond and interact with responses or receive alerts in the tweets that you were referenced in

Twitter Lite is currently compatible with devices that support Android 5.0 and higher.



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