Mobizen مسجل الشاشة


Now, let's make our first video well!

Mobizen, the best screen recorder supported by the months of video makers. (More than 930,000 videos were done daily using Mobizen and posted online)
Mobizen can record videos for games, apps, video editing, and more to be the best video maker. It's totally free!

Screen recording
- Record your best movements and moments with high resolution quality.

■ Arg your photo with Facecam.
■ does not need a radical path, running on Android 4.4 and higher.
■ Create high quality videos (1080p)
■ Settings fit all devices
- Quality: 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps
- Resolution: 240p ~ 1080p
- Frame / sec: 5fps ~ 60fps




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