Enjoy the latest sports news for free by applying bein SPORTS. Watch your favorite sporting events and watch the coolest sports moments anytime, anywhere
- We have two free channels to watch
- Exclusive coverage of video and photos in addition to providing summaries of the most important sports footage and the most beautiful goals and interviews
- New articles written daily by our team to keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of sport
- The most important news and announcements related to the strongest direct sporting events
- Match center service, follow the match through the application: Know the team's lineup and the details directly from the heart of the game or you can simply choose to follow the main events of the game, in addition to the possibility of knowing the statistics of matches and dates of confrontation. You will never miss the results of events!
- You can use the stream schedule to select events that you'd like to follow on all of our channels for a week in advance




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