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3D CM Launcher- شخصي، آمن، وفعّال


🏆CM Launcher 3D, has a high rating of 4.5 on Google Play! CM Launcher 3D is a lightweight, fast, smooth and secure Android player!

With CM Launcher 3D you can get:

★ More specialized - over 10,000 free 3D themes, 2D icons bundles, live wallpapers, contacts to personalize your phone's interface

★ More specialized - Lock and hide applications protect your privacy

★ More effective - search speed, intelligent organization of applications, and phone optimizer to make your life more efficient

Key advantages

🏠 Center of features and icon packages
We offer more than 10,000 2D and 3D themes (icon sets) according to your customizations with varied menus, wallpapers, icons and contacts. (Contact attributes are only available on Samsung and Google devices)

🔃 3D animated effects
Powered by 3D animation, features and 3D UI elements, the CM Launcher enables 3D transition and gives you the experience of magical transition effects

👕 3D themes and live screen backgrounds
3D features and vivid screen backgrounds to customize the menus interface. Here you can find 3D Fidget Spinner, transparent screen feature and more 3D features

👕 Unity attributes and VR attributes
Install the VR attributes to feel the new dynamic VR effects. Play on the screen after applying game attributes

Common features
Many exciting themes can be found in CM Launcher 3D like Helo Kitty, Partner, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, etc.

Self-made plates
Be creative and change the user interface on the Android player, make it yourself and decorate your icons, themes, and live screen backgrounds

🔐Clear & Lock Applications
Get security for your applications With CM Launcher, you can protect your privacy from hackers and hide and lock applications in a private folder without rooting your phone. Drag to run and show applications are easy things to do as well

Optimize your phone
The enhanced one-click phone feature is available to enhance your phone for a faster and smoother experience

📂 Intelligent Application Manager
Automatically organize your apps into small folders (Application drawer) and manage apps that make your apps list elegant and organized

Cortana, Microsoft's smart digital help is now available in CM Launcher 3D!
1. Audio input: for online searching, translation and news.
2. Instant information: Top news, nearby restaurants and daily charts.
3. Hardware Interference: Connect and synchronize your text messages to your Windows 10 PC (version 1703 or later).
Notes: Supported by specific countries only. The need for specific permissions and updates may appear.



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