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Score! Hero is a football game where, instead of controlling a whole team, you can control only one player. Also, instead of playing the full game, you only participate in a number of important games in each game.

In some interviews, you can have several goals and try to fix it, while in others, you have to pay the winning goal in the last minute of the game. The idea is that you are always involved in the key moments of each game, either through scoring or helping.

Important details in Score! Hero is that the game is organized according to a series of levels which are, in turn, divided into a number of seasons. At each level, you can win from a star to three. At some levels, you have to take a goal in the corner of the goal area to get three stars, while in others you may have to pay from twenty meters away.

Play mechanisms are common for this type: slide your finger on the screen to draw the ball path. In this way, you can add effects to the ball and also do vertical and other movements.

Score! A very entertaining football game with fantastic graphics. Provides a different gaming experience than other football games. In addition, the game has several options for customizing your players.





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